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Dog Grooming - The Basics - DVD Edition

Picture of Cover This is a good all-round video and an excellent introduction to those who wish to take up grooming as a career. Introduced by Annette Penny and presented by Sue Davidson, the video shows different coat textures and explains how to deal with them. Sue introduces a puppy to grooming and later demonstrates a complete puppy trim suitable for a variety of breeds. Ear, eye and teeth cleaning, stain removal, cutting nails and trimming feet, brushing and combing are included. Bathing, drying, emptying anal glands, handstripping, clippering and many other techniques are demonstrated.

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4 DVD Groomer's Pack - DVD Edition

Picture of Cover For a limited period, we are offering a special edition, four-DVD pack aimed at those looking to join the professional grooming industry. Featured are four of our most popular titles - Dog Grooming the Basics, the Westie MKII, English Cocker MKII and the Poodle Lamb Trim. These breeds provide an excellent entry into grooming, covering a range of of skills required to groom to City and Guilds certification.
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