Tools for Grooming

All titles provide a comprehensive list of tools needed to groom your dog. These tools are available on line from Petcetera Etc

Welcome to the World of Dog Grooming

Picture of American Cocker Spaniel AMP Productions has been working closely with some of the world's premier groomers to create its range of canine coat care dog grooming DVDs. The Canine Coat Care dog grooming DVD series has proved to be an invaluable asset to pet owners, exhibitors and professional groomers alike.

AMP Productions started in 1995 with a video on hand-stripping and grooming the Norfolk Terrier. The video was so well-received that productions for other breeds quickly followed. To date, the Canine Coat Care dog grooming DVD series features more than 30 breeds of dog on DVD

Professional Through and Through

Picture of Long-Haired Cat As well as featuring some of the most renowned groomers in the canine community, all of AMP's dog grooming DVDs are produced to the very highest standards. The DVDs have been produced and directed by Annette Penny who, as well as being heavily involved in dogs as both a breeder and exhibitor for many years, worked as a freelance Producer for the BBC. Please have a look at our list of dog grooming DVDs to find the product that suits your needs.

Four DVD groomer’s pack

Picture of Long-Haired Cat

With those entering into the professional grooming industry in mind, AMP is offerering this four DVD pack featuring a range of titles especially well suited to those looking to take a City and Guilds certificate in grooming. first DVD provides an introduction to techniques applicable to the whole range of breeds and is followed by a detailed look at three breeds – the Poodle, the English Cocker Spaniel and the West Highland White Terrier.

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Also Available from AMP Productions - The Long Haired Cat

Picture of Long-Haired Cat To complement the Canine Coat Care series, AMP Productions also offers the popular cat grooming DVD 'Grooming the Long Haired Cat' on video and DVD, presented by Joe Magri.

Joe has successfully run his own specialist cat grooming salon. He has been breeding cats successfully for many years and has made up several to champion level. In this video, he takes you through the finer points of bathing, drying and clipping, right down to the fundamentals in familiarising your cat to being groomed. "Cats need a totally different approach to dogs," Joe says, "With dogs you may command, with cats you must cajole."